Lots going on this week. Hope you’ve been reading some great stuff. Let me get you up to date on the new developments:


I ALSO wrote a new short for my patrons called “Heresies In Babel”. Become a patron to read it. You can do that by visiting Patreon and clicking the button marked Become a Patron

Oh I almost forgot to mention: the amazing new speculative fiction magazine Spectacle accepted my story “Non Disclosure” and will be publishing it in an upcoming issue. In print. With a beautiful illustration. Woop! Go ye hence and subscribe!

What I’m reading

  • I just cracked Fire Upon The Deep by Vernor Vinge for some good old singularity sci-fi. (If memory serves, he invented the term.)
  • Stumbled upon a GREAT list of literary horror over at Unbound Worlds.
  • Also, I just discovered Unbound Worlds. Cool.

Feel free to reply with anything great that you’ve been reading or anything you’d like to see more of from me.