I wrote a thing this week. It’s a new short story called “Explorer” and I really enjoyed putting it together. It’s set in the world that I created for Petifleur and The Colored City. Since it will be quite a while before Petifleur sees the light of day I figured why not start setting some of my short pieces there.

I did another thing this week! (That makes two.) I set up a Patreon account for people who want to support my writing. Basically:

  • Patreon allows you to support my writing by chipping in as little as $1/month
  • For the price of a shitty cup of coffee you get early access (30 days ahead) to all of my short stories—that’s at least four stories per month
  • Some of those stories may get accepted to literary magazines before the month is up, meaning that it will be much longer before non-supporters can read them
  • Your support puts the pressure on me to keep producing top quality content for you, the most awesome reader in the world
  • If I reach $100/month in pledges I’ll start recording audio for one of my stories each month

Everybody wins.

Read “Explorer” here

After my shorts have been on Patreon for one month, if they have not been accepted to any literary magazines, they will be made available to the public on my blog, so you will still have access even if you didn’t throw any sawbucks my way.

Also, it’s my birthday in like two days so signing up would be a super nice present 🖤

What I’m reading this week

Lots of great stuff.

  • Just finished Fevre Dream which is about vampires on the Mississippi River in the 1800s and written by George R.R. Martin. Interesting idea that probably wasn’t worth a whole novel, but GRRM is a hell of a writer and he kept me around until the end.
  • Halfway through The Spy Who Came In From The Cold and it’s amazing so far. No wonder John La Carre is such a legend.
  • Finished up (and promptly started re-reading) Secrets of Story. If you write, do yourself a favor and pick this up. I’m affiliate linking to it because dammit, it’s a good recco. It’s written by the guy behind cockeyed caravan which is one of the best writing blogs on the interwebs.